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Web Design

Pure and simple . . . we love designing websites for people. People like you. We won’t slap a few bits of code together and say “that will do” – we take pride in all of our projects, it’s part of us and we want YOU to be happy and recommend our services. No, we can’t tinker with your code till midnight on Christmas Eve . . but we’ll never sell you short when it comes to quality web design.

The majority of our websites are now designed using the fabulous software called WordPress. This is a fully-fledged Content Management System that enables our clients to easily update their information either on their desktop computer, smartphone or tablet. Yes, it’s amazing. No longer do you have to send updates to your web design team for them to charge you £30 to change one photo and update your next event listing, let alone it taking a week to do. With WordPress, you are in control. You can make changes and updates instantly. You may need a little bit of training, that’s not a problem. We have video resources available to all our clients and we are happy to show you 1-to-1 if you live in South Devon.

The very latest WordPress Professional Themes are now intelligent enough to know when they are being accessed by a mobile device and will deliver optimised Pages specifically to make the experience user-friendly, without the need to have a 2nd mobile website created from scratch.

Our Start-up Package offers affordable (but professional) web design and hosting for only £160.00 – we’re confident you won’t find a better package than that (not even from VistaPrint), and despite the TV advertising hype, don’t touch Wix or GoDaddy – they may be VERY cheap initially but there are major Google Ranking problems that you will have to deal with – be warned (and that’s the truth). Our Standard Package is ideally suited for Businesses and provides unlimited bandwidth and extra design options, with full SEO included for £420 – (some local web agencies charge twice this for less). Premium eCommerce online shopping, fully designed and implemented, with training for you to then update your stock are just £640.

Our WordPress options are definitely the best route if you can afford that little bit extra. Ultra modern styling and easy to revise.

We can provide eCommerce, Forums, Dynamic database driven sites, Content Management Systems (such as WordPress and Joomla), as well as full hosting on our own high-end servers offering Email, FTP, MySQL, PHP and many other features. See our Technical page for more information.

WordPress powers nearly a quarter of new sites, is the CMS choice for more than two thirds of the top million sites making it the most popular development tool on the web. It has more than 50 million sites across the globe. Some of our WordPress customised themes will automatically resize and rescale to mobile applications on Android, iOS, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows and even WebOS.

You can even update your site by smartphones or email. How cool is that ?

One of our recent fully featured database driven websites, Torbay Business Directory, achieved Google Page 1 ranking for its main Keyword search in 9 days from launch. This was entirely due to the extensive SEO optimisation that we applied to each page.