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Web design and hosting packages

We offer various web design and hosting packages that will suit all requirement levels. If you need more detailed technical information and specifications regarding each hosting pack, please contact us

A basic WordPress website with free domain name, email and hosting for one year. Easy to upgrade to a fully featured WordPress site at any time when you have more funds. Absolutely ideal for people setting up a new business with limited funds. This will give you a web address and dedicated email to add to your promotional leaflets and headed paper etc. All this for the amazing price of just £160 - see the demo now
A professional WordPress website design including free domain name, email, hosting and database. Perfect for Individuals and Hobbyists. Very affordable, no hidden extras.  The complete package  £280 - see our demo version to give you an idea of what it could look like
Ideal for clubs or a small business – an interactive website designed in WordPress with full editing facilities, free domain name, email with extra settings and no-limits usage hosting for 12 months  £420  This will be of a similar type of design as our own site.
No limit to the amount of pages that can be created, no limit to how many people can see your website at any one time (subject to fair use policy). Suitable for large dynamic database driven websites and eCommerce to sell products and services directly on the internet. Complete with full content management systems, web design software, secure payment transactions, databases to be able to run the site in the background, complete email integration. Fully featured with plenty of one-click installation software making it easy for you to add extra features yourself – If you would like a bespoke professional WordPress design (including eCommerce if needed) prices start from £640 complete. If you want an eCommerce site developed, the price will depend directly on the amount of items that you have for sale. For eCommerce packages we prefer to use PayPal payment gateways, although other systems are available.

Hosting only

In the second year you will only need Hosting (which includes email etc). Hosting space for our Starter, Basic and Standard Packs only costs £40 per year and includes an upgrade to no-limits usage. Hosting for our Premium Business and eCommerce Pack is £75 per year to cover the extra support required to maintain the databases and servers.

Other details

Please check other web designers for their (inflated) prices. We may be cheap . . but we will never compromise on our quality promise. If you need things explaining in detail, or in simpler terms, get in touch, we are always pleased to help. The only extra charges that you may encounter are when you need things like professional photographic images to give your site that extra wow factor, but even these can generally be sourced for just a few pounds each.

We normally have various stages of production to keep you informed along the way, and so that we can optimise our designs to the original brief. We don’t allow things to go astray, and we won’t make spelling mistakes, unlike some of our more esteemed competitors – oink oink

FREE software are now able to offer the amazing software Serif WebPlus X6 (runs on Windows PC’s not available for Mac’s)

photo of WebPlus X6 carton

WebPlus X6 for FREE

Serif WebPlus X6 is the ultimate web design software, packed with everything you or your organisation needs to create outstanding, professional-quality websites – no complicated code, programming, or design experience required.
PinkPigs has teamed up with Serif to provide you with WebPlus X6 for free. WebPlus X6 is the latest version and you will be pleased to know that it is the full version, not a cut down or feature-limited edition. WebPlus X6 normally costs over £80 from Serif and high street retailers. This software is perfect for people who want to get hands-on themselves and experiment with their own projects. We obviously still recommend the tried and trusted WordPress route that we provide in our packages, but we also feel that it’s beneficial for our customers to have alternatives. We cannot, however, offer full support for WebPlus X6 via our own ticket system. I’m sure you understand. It’s FREE after all . . . please let us know if you would like to register for this software when ordering your Standard or Premium Pack.