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photo of computer servers

the technical side

For our Hosting Packages we have our own dedicated high-speed server in a secure facility provided by one of the UK’s biggest ISP’s; with full back-up facilities using Quad Core Xeon racks. 2 x 6MB cache with 16GB RAM. Dual 136GB SCSI Drives. RAID Mirroring and Back-up. Dual Power Supplies with standby Battery packs and Generators. Dual Gigabit Network Adaptors. Operating on CAT6 network cable at 10 gigabits/second. Are you impressed with our technical abilities ? we hope so . . .

image showing various installed software

One-click Software

Because we Host our own websites we also offer various one-click software installations that can be a huge benefit when setting up your own websites. Things like blogs and forums can easily be implemented. Upgrades to your Hosting Packages can be added in minutes. We’re a friendly bunch of little piggies . . just pick up the phone or send an email, we can tailor your hosting requirements to suit your needs.

All of our main Web Designs use either WordPress or Joomla back-ends with Full Content Management Systems. This means that our clients can easily update and change their own websites once we have done all the hard work in setting them up. Some people may require a little bit of tuition to get them started with the technical side, and this is included in our Premium packages. We do, however, offer training at an hourly rate, if required or we can point you in the right direction for extensive online video tuition. WordPress updating is easy to learn for people used to using things like Facebook or Twitter etc.

image showing Google SEO logo

Google SEO

We prepare all of our websites (even the basic ones) to be SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) compliant. Google also LOVES WordPress. So, as long as you keep your site alive and updated, Google will take note and move you up the listings. Despite what (some) people will tell you . . the BEST way to appear on Google page 1 for your Keywords, is to put good, relevant information on your website and keep updating it on a regular basis (2-3 times a week please). If YOU make the effort, you’ll see the rewards. We can provide an SEO managed service to add and update all the correct tags plus adding relevant content via a Blog page for an extra £15 per week (billed quarterly) – a good option if you’re busy and don’t have the time (or the inclination to remember to add content).

WordPress sites are also W3C compliant (which is good).

image of the WordPress logo