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About Us

image of man sitting on a pink pig

This is what we do

We’re based in sunny south Devon. And what a lovely place it is. This page is all about the history of the business.

The company was set up by Steve Munns who is actually a Cartographer by trade. Having trained (many years ago) at the Ordnance Survey in Southampton.

Luckily, he’s been designing websites for many people over the last 10 years, including Government departments for Boundary information and many local councils, such as Essex and Hampshire County Councils for their integration of real-time traffic congestion on their GIS enabled web data.

Steve learnt his web design skills using GoLive and the industry leading Dreamweaver before moving on to Joomla and the gorgeous WordPress platform. WordPress now accounts for 40% of all the world’s websites and is growing year-on-year.

PinkPigs access high-speed servers with full back-up facilities using Quad Core Xeon with 16GB RAM racks (see our Technical Page for more geeky stuff).

small image of a pink pig

Join the Team

We’re always on the look out for freelance web designers, especially those with in-depth knowledge of WordPress, Joomla or PHP coding. If you fancy joining us in the pig-sty please send us an oink. Yes, we’re all mad . . it helps when you’ve got coding to do at midnight (but you know that already).